From Düsseldorf to Auckland – Familiar faces, smelly Chinese and „politically“ adjusted flight routes

From Düsseldorf to Auckland – Familiar faces, smelly Chinese and „politically“ adjusted flight routes

Flying is part of travelling…but it shouldn’t! 😉 The flight to Auckland has proved to me once again that flying (in economy class) is simply uncool: boarding is never on time and takes forever, the Chinese passengers next to you are always smelly (no exceptions experienced… EVER!), the „fresh“ air of on board and inside airports gives me dry eyes, a dry nose and a dry throat, furthermore sleep is always a matter of luck…especially if the Chinese next to you is wearing an oversized winter jacket (at perceived 25 degrees in the cabin), and thus doesn’t even realize when he is instantly overstepping the invisible border of the arm chair. Other highlights include a 15 minutes airport bus tour at Dubai Airport and check-in staff, that „only must quickly clarify something on the phone with a colleague“ (while the passengers behind are staring nasty looks in your back…guys, it it not me!).

In the great Emirates entertainment system I could simulate my flight route from Düsseldorf to Dubai, allegedly flying over Iraq and Mosul in particular. In times of IS missiles targeting commercial aircrafts maybe not such a brilliant idea! However, my flight was not following the direct route, but took a longer route to Dubai directly crossing from Turkey into Iran. Cheers for that, Emirates!

On my flight to Dubai, there was also a positive surprise: my old acquaintance from my banking apprenticeship Julia sat in the seat directly in front of me. However, our ways already parted quite early after leaving the aircraft in Dubai because I had to take the shuttle bus towards Oceanic flight connections. Julia and her husband are going to spend their holidays in the Kruger National Park and Mauritius. Safari and beaches…not a bad choice at all that makes me really wonder why I chose the wilderness! 😉

I was definitely relieved when I finally arrived my final destination Auckland at 1:30 pm local time (with 12 hours time difference to home…I am living in the future now ;-)). I was in desperate need of natural air! All in all, a total of 30 hours travel time to the other end of the world! My body is screaming for sleep, but I’m going to torment me until the evening in order to cope quickly with the jetlag.

So what’s next: I will stay two days in Auckland to take last minute preparations for the trail…a warm jacket would be nice, I guess! 😉 On Thursday morning I’m leaving for Kaitaia in the north of the North Island which is the last stop before the adventure finally unfolds, haha! 😉


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