Der Arctic Circle Trail in Grönland – Videos vom Trail

Der Arctic Circle Trail in Grönland – Videos vom Trail

Tag 1: Wild Camp nach den ersten 28 Kilometern (Link)

Tag 2: Wild Camp kurz vor dem Canoe Center (Link)

Tag 2: Rentier zu Besuch ? (Link)

Tag 5: Trail life sucks sometimes…erst recht, wenn es reinregnet! ? (Link)

Tag 6: Letzer Abend auf dem Trail an der Kangerluarsuk Tulleq Hut (Link)

2 Gedanken zu „Der Arctic Circle Trail in Grönland – Videos vom Trail

  1. Hi Stef, I’d have a few questions concerning this trail. Maybe you can help me out? 1) Is this Arctic Circle trail well marked? 2) How well are the shops at the start / end of the trail stocked with food? Is it possible to buy gas for one’s cooker there? 3) If one has a lot of luggage along, is there some way to ship it from the start of the trail to the end (maybe by plane)? Any ideas? Would appreciate your input, thanks!

    1. Hi Jel, thanks for your message! And sorry for the late reply…as you might have notices my site was completely down due to issues with my web hosting. The site is up again…but missing all pictures and some features I will have to repair on my own. Soooo, if you think about blogging yourself (or you’re doing it already), look for a trust-worthy hoster. 😉

      Anyway, here are my thoughts on your questions (wich are exactly the ones I wanted to anser before this sh***t with my website happened… ;-)) :
      1) Trail marking: Yes, the trail is generally well marked. I got lost exactly once, but that was my own fault. However, at certain points you have to play close attention to the trail marking (i.e. trodden path, stone markings etc.). In any case, a GPS or a GPS app on your smartphone is always recommended. I use, but there are many other ones you can use. You can google the gps/gpx-files online or I can send you mine (I would have to check though where I stored it, but no problem!).
      2.1) Food: Shops are VERY well stocked with food. In Kangerlussuaq, there is one larger supermarket and a smaller shop right next to the youth hostel south of the airport. They are not open on Sindays, though. In the airport cafeteria you can get decent food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sisimiut is a relatively small town, but the second largest in Greenland. There are at least four supermarkets, a very good restaurant and some fast food joints. You see, no problem at all!
      2.2) Gas: I was worried about that, too… but there’s defitiely no need to do so. In Kangerlussuaq, you can get gas canisters at the supermarket and they sell some stock in the Polar Lodge shop. In Sisimiut you can find LOTS of them at the youth hostel (recommended sleeping option as you meet up with many other hikers before or after the trek). I don’t know where you can buy them in Sisimiut, but Henrik from the youth hostel can assist. An again, all the hikers who just finished the trail leave their gas canisters behind there (in case you want to start from Sisimiut)
      3) Well, I know there’s a post office in Sisimiut. I shipped a couple of things myself home to Germany (knife, tent poles etc.) because I just used hand luggage on my flight home. There’s a post office in Kangerlussuaq, too. You can check out options at

      One more thing: Don’t forget your mosquito net! ;-))

      IF you have more questions I’m happy to help!

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