Hiking against hate – Against xenophobia and racism in the Internet

Hiking against hate – Against xenophobia and racism in the Internet

Dear blog follower! 

I would like to use the attention towards my adventure on the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand in order to raise awareness of an extraordinary and unique campaign in Germany…and to collect donations for it! ?  I’m supporting “Donate the hate | the involuntary donation campaign“.

Why is this “Donate the hate” campaign such a great idea and deserves your donation?

Lately, the internet and especially social networks like Facebook or Twitter are overflowing with racist and xenophobic comments. “Donate the hate” uses these ridiculous and hateful posts to make something good out of them: everyone of us can report these hate comments to “Donate the hate“ and automatically one Euro goes to refugee projects run by the ‘Aktion Deutschland hilft‘ campaign or ‘EXIT-Deutschland‘, an initiative against right-wing extremism.

Where do you find more information about “Donate the hate“?

Follow this link and you’ll know all about it (and maybe even more… ?):

Official website “Donate the hate“ – English

Why is this so important to me? What is my motivation?

Although I’m currently hiking 3,000 kilometers through the wilderness on the other side of the world I’m not ignoring the political developments in my home country. On the contrary: I’m constantly thinking about possibilities how I can personally take action. I want to show my true colors and promote a strong opinion in this challenging situation. This fundraiser is my initial step!

I do believe that opinions can or rather should be divided in addressing the refugee challenge. Is our welcome policy the right way? Does a German solo attempt within Europe even make sense? We all know that this situation can only be solved globally by working together with other nations, don’t we? Do we need a migration limit? And what would happen to the refugees that we would have to send back to their home countries? I accept and tolerate all personal opinions when answering these vital questions.

However, what I do NOT accept is racist and clearly xenophobic, blunt and unapologetic propaganda which is currently spreading in the internet. I won’t put up with this!

Why should you make a donation and/or take action yourself?

This is quite easy to answer: because you agree with me 100% and you ardently support unprejudiced relations with all people and without xenophobia and racism.

Furthermore, I would regard your donation as a mental support for myself on my journey through New Zealand. So if you like what I write or the pictures I take please give me some recognition in means of a small donation for my good cause…even it is only one dollar!

How much should you donate?

One dollar? Two? Maybe 20 or 50? I don’t really care because first of all it is about awareness of the “Donate the hate” campaign and – therefore – the realization that everyone of us can do something against the hatred in the internet. So maybe you don’t donate anything, but rather report a hate post to “Donate the hate”. I would be equally happy about it!

My donation goal of 3,000 New Zealand dollars derives from the overall length of the Te Araroa Trail of 3,000 kilometers. And if I “only” raise 3,000 Kiwi-cents at the end, I’m still considering it a success! ?

How can you make a donation?

You just click on the following link, scroll down a bit and make it happen within a minute of your time: Hiking against hate | Wandern gegen Hass

I would also like to hear from you personally! Please leave a comment on my blog or send me an email to wanderngegenhass@gmail.com.

Thank you for your attention!


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